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Life is a song and I long for its melody; a combination of pitch and rhythm on a human scale, helping me to make sense of my individual purpose. My songs have been accented by sharps and flats intermixed with ranges of sound, silence, and divinely timed events.


  As many have, I started in the church choir, but I became an artist when I was given a poetry assignment at age 12. By the age of 14, I was a vocal music major in high school and learning how to incorporate my gifts of music with having a unique way of using words. At a young age, music and poetry became my way of uncensored expression, as well as the vehicle which began to help me make sense of the world’s complicated matters.



 My goal is to Take my talents and abilities to the world stage and be unguarded and honest with my music, while opening minds and elevating a global take on how beautiful the song of life can be, even when the pitch and rhythm may seem a bit off. This is the viewpoint I speak from.


Drawing influences from artists ranging from the Kings of Pop and Rock, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, to the likes of Hip-Hop legends Tupac Shakur and Kanye West, while mixing in the classic sounds of The Beatles and Eagles, my music is of an untold genre. The best classification is a melodic compilation constructed of Spoken Word, Alternative Hip-Hop, House, Pop, and R&B/Soul. Put it all together and it’s my life in lyrics.



Performed live at the Bud Biliken Parade for Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley with an est. 150,000 in attendance (received “key to the city” from Mayor Daley).

Live performance at University of Illinois Champaign Urbana (10,000 audience)

Performed on stage with Grammy nominated artist “Da T.r.u.t.h.”.

Gave private performance for the Chicago Bears in 2007

Opened for Grammy Award winning Hip-Hop artist “LeCrae”

Performed on stage with Grammy Award winning Hip-Hop gospel group “The Cross Movement”.

Headlined show at Wheaton College sold out (2,300 audience).

Performed at North Park University sold out  (2,000 audience)

Headlined sold out concert at “The Dragon Fly” one of Chicago’s premier nightclubs.

 Headlined sold out show at “The Shrine” Chicago’s most popular hip- hop music venue.




Appeared in Doritos commercial pilot 2010

Guest co-host with Phil Jackson on Chicago’s popular Talk radio show “What’s going on” 1390 A.M.

Featured artist/guest co-host on “Windy City Underground” radio show.

Performed live on C.A.N. TV Chicago

Special guest on Chicago’s “Inspiration” show1390 A.M.

Music has received air play on WGCI Chicago’s most popular Hip–Hop radio station.


Starred in Indie film “Bust Down” by Starfish productions. Released in 2010 to strong reviews.

Starred in Chicago stage production of Broadway hit “Bye Bye Birdie”